The landlocked gem of southeast Asia

Laos was probably the most underrated country that we visited during our travels. A fan favorite among some travelers we met, but still, we did not know what to expect. There were elements of Laos that proved challenging for us - bus & motorbike travel (extremely shitty and expensive compared to Vietnam) and parts that surprised us (falling in love with Vang Vieng).

There may not be any oceans, but boy are there waterfalls, and lots of them, all with clear icy water for you to cool off in. And while Laos may have not been tops on our list in terms of food culture (we really like to eat), they do make some damn good sticky rice and bbq.

It’s a country worth visiting and spending some time exploring, whether that be the hill tribes of the north or motorbiking the various loops around the south there is a lot to see and experience here.