In 2013, we made the decision to travel together on a whim. We spent 17 days in Thailand. Turn the clock forward 2 years and here we are, out in the world, on our own, taking it all in, learning something new each step of the way until the money runs out. We found our passion for travel within each other and it helps carry us through tough times on the road and makes all of the great sights, sounds and experiences that much better.

We founded As We Roam to track and blog about our progress, communicate with friends and family and to create a network and resource for travelers just like us. As We Roam, as a brand, represents the true spirit of travel. Closing chapters in life and beginning new ones, making your money stretch further then you thought it could and seeing and experiencing things that can help you understand true happiness.

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Co Founder

"Travel is something I have always been passionate about, however at the age of 27 I realized I hadn't seen as much of the world as I would have liked to. Long term travel was always something that intrigued me, however I never had the guts to do it. I had a fantastic job in NYC, a wonderful apartment and a great network of friends. When Vic and I decided to plan this trip together it seemed crazy, but it felt right and we both knew without question that it would be an amazing experience. Our friends and family were beyond supportive and helped confirm that we were making the right decision. 
For me, traveling is all about experiencing new and unique things. Living a simpler life. Going outside my comfort zone. Testing my limits and my patience—riding a bus for 16+ hours in Laos will give you a new perspective on long distance travel."
Reasons I love to travel:
The food. To me there is nothing like having an authentic bowl of pho on a shitty plastic stool in Hanoi or seeking out the best free tapas in Granada. 
The people. Locals, our hostel/guesthouse/AirBnB hosts/other travelers. We've made some amazing friends throughout our travels.
The beaches. I'm my happiest lying on a beach, beer in hand. Forever beach bum.

Co Founder

"I never thought that traveling would have such a profound impact on me. I used to be a man with a plan. I worked hard for everything I had. I was always envious of people who had seen other parts of the world but I was always under the impression that word travel was for the rich or famous. It was a risk I had to take. That risk changed me as a person, inside and out. It changed how I saw the world and what I knew about people."
Reasons I love to travel:
The awe. That moment you are in a place and the only word you can babble is WOW. These moments are what make me feel truly happy.
The food. I have always loved food but after meeting Adrienne I've garnered a much greater appreciation for all kinds of cuisine. The flavors you just can't replicate stateside make you want to stay abroad forever.
The water. There's surely something about being near the water that makes you feel more relaxed and focused. A great place to process ideas and future.

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