Six months later and we’re still dreaming of Com Tam

Vietnam is notorious for their amazing cuisine and vibrant street food culture, but nothing could have prepared us for what we were about to experience. Our days in Vietnam mostly revolved around what and where we were going to eat. Each city has their own specialty or take on the Vietnamese classics and we wanted to try them all. Starting in Ho Chi Minh City and ending in Hanoi, our trip through Vietnam was basically one giant food tour and we made it our mission to eat all of our meals from street food vendors (ok we had a couple of slip ups in chilly Hanoi, but still).

The Vietnamese way of life, eating, drinking, socializing curbside quickly became one of our favorite parts of the country. Why go to a fancy restaurant when you can have an amazing bowl of noodles for under $2 right outside your homestay?

Food aside, we were amazed by the landscape of Vietnam, the central highlands of Dalat reminding us of places from home, the craziness of HCMC, was something we thought we might hate but we loved. So many elements of Vietnam surprised us, including the weather (it actually does get cold!), we were happily surprised and wished we had more time to spend.