Ancient Hoi An is a picturesque scene straight out of a French village. 

The architecture and the bright silk lanterns hanging in the street make you feel as though you’ve turned back the clock.

One of the few cities not destroyed by the Vietnam War, tourism has boomed for Hoi An and you can tell. The shops and restaurants along the riverside mostly catered to western travelers. It’s hard to avoid really, but the fact that the touristic t-shirt shops are housed in these beautiful buildings helps a bit. 

There is also an abundance of delicious street food to be had. Cao Lao and Mi Quang are the dishes known in Hoi An, both noodle based with a slight twist. Equally delicious and worth trying multiple times from different vendors.

Walk through Old Town's village and come across the Japanese Covered Bridge. Beautiful in the day and especially in the evening, this old preserved bridge serves as a place of tribute and as a tourist attraction. Free to walk across, just pay to walk further into the worship chamber.


When we arrived in Hoi An, we were just approaching the Tet holiday (Vietnamese New Year) so the city was buzzing with locals preparing. Everyone was out and about stocking up on fresh plants, flowers, drink and food in anticipation of the holiday. During Tet, shops and restaurants could shut down for up to a week, but given how touristic Hoi An is we didn’t see too much of a difference even on Tet itself which was surprising. Many of the good restaurants were closed, but we were shocked to still see all the street vendors out and many people wandering around. 

Timing wise we didn't get to Hoi An during the nicest weather, so what could have been a beautiful city beach experience turned into a bit of a situation where we were in constant search of our next cafe or bar to keep warm. Luckily the weather shaped up just in time for our motorbike ride from Hoi An to Hue via the Hai Van Pass. 


Madam Khanh 'The Banh Mi Queen' – Our favorite Banh Mi in Vietnam.
Thanh Cao Lau  Authentic Cau Lau. Open at noon and served until they run out.

Japanese Covered Bridge - Beautiful and old landmark located in Old Town .
Old Town - Touristic yes, but still beautiful and worth a walk around.
Lady Buddha - Take a motorbike ride up to Danang and check out the massive Lady Buddha and Pagoda.
Beaches - Weather permitting Cua Dai and An Bang are two beautiful beaches close to Hoi An.