Botequim da Mouraria

Our friend Kerrilynn recommended this place. She read online that you have to arrive before they open to queue for one of only 9 seats available, all at the bar. It might have been the earliest dinner we had in months but we arrived just after 6 (an hour before they open) and were luckily the first ones on line.

The owner opens the doors promptly at 7pm and seats you in the order in which you arrive (you are also served this way). Domingos and his wife form an incredible duo. They'll have an English menu and are able to make suggestions by pointing and showing you food/drink. 

While you're seated at the bar with the other guests, the door will shut once the last seats are filled. You can stay as long as you'd like, and the atmosphere is very relaxed. It's mainly tourists, yet for some reason it doesn’t feel touristic. Maybe its the wine mixed with dialog the duo shares while preparing all of the food. The bar seating encourages conversation with other guests—even sharing plates. Appetizers and entrees are portioned depending on how many people you are and your wine is selected by the host based on what you order. It’s a very intimate and unique dining experience. 

Everything we had was prepared by the man’s spouse in a tiny kitchen in the back. The ingredients are so fresh there is no need for complicated dishes. 

As the entrees wind down you can see people coming in asking for a table but don't feel rushed to leave.  


12:30 - 3:00p, 7:00 - 11:30p