Escape the crowds and fish, ride or dive in Amed, Bali

Located on the northeast coast of Bali, Amed gets it's reputation from the hard working fisherman in it's community. Fresh mackerel, fluke, and mahi mahi are caught by the bucketful, daily. We arrived in Amed just before Christmas and the town was quiet with few tourists roaming the streets and plenty of accommodation to find. It made us wonder who was eating all the fish.

The fisherman are relentless. They fish from spider-looking boats and from shore. No matter the time of day or night there is always someone fishing in sight. We saw fisherman applying glow sticks to the tips of their fishing rods to see them bend when a mackerel took the bait in the middle of the night.

Located nearby, Gunung Agung mountain holds the most important temple on Bali. Pura Besakih. One of 8 directional Hindu temples, it's only located within 30 minutes drive from Amed. Other temples located within 30 minutes are Tirta Gangga and Pura Lempuyang Luhur.

Amed, also known for it's snorkeling and diving, hosts some of Bali's best reefs just off shore. There is no shortage of diving businesses along the coastal road so be sure to vet each one to find the best price/package for you.

One of our favorite things to do in Amed is to motorbike to the outskirts of town. Above Amed's valley are hills upon hills of beautiful landscapes full of lush green rice paddies scattered with white wind torn flags to keep the pesky little birds off their crop. The road swerves back and forth with many pull offs to grab a view of it all.