Da Lat is known for it's beautiful countryside with greenhouses, pine forests, waterfalls and serene lakes. 

Located in the central highlands of Vietnam, Da Lat, is unlike any other part of Vietnam we have visited. Its temperate climate allows for an abundance of flowers and produce to be grown year round filling greenhouses scattered everywhere on the horizon. 

Apparently Da Lat is known as the city for lovers. At first it’s hard to see why as the city center is not particularly charming. However, once your outside the main hub amongst the trees and wilderness, you can understand why tourists and locals alike flock here for a break from city life.

As usual, we opted to stay slightly outside the main city area, where we found a sweet little homestay run by a retired Vietnamese couple. It was literally night and day from where we stayed to the center of town, much more quiet and peaceful. Although, those night motorbike rides back from dinner were a bit chilly!

Our days in Da Lat were spent motorbiking around the countryside particularly near
Tuyen Lam lake, a large natural lake about 10km outside the center of the city. We drove to a few different viewpoints over the course of a few days and really just enjoyed walking around in the nice warm weather.

At the northern tip of the lake sits the Truc Lam Pagoda which has a really nice flower garden and is a cool place to stop off before a ride on Da Lat's cable car.

Normally we might have given the cable car ride a miss, but it was such a clear beautiful day we decided to give it a go. Surprisingly we were practically the only people riding it the whole way and it really does have some spectacular views.


Nem Nuong Dung Loc - Fresh, roll your own spring roll. Found all over Vietnam, but served slightly different depending on where you go.

Lien Hoa Bakery - Yummy pastries and treats downstairs and upstairs you can sit down. The service is a bit slow but we scored some delicious Bò Kho. Bò Kho is a beef noodle stew that is prepared slightly different in each the north, central and southern regions of Vietnam. In the south, the Bò Kho is served with fresh baguette (Bánh Mì) for. dipping in and soaking up the last of your stew.


Truc Lam Pagoda/Cable Car - We packaged these together for you because you should really see them in the same day. We chose to park our motorbike at the Pagoda, check it out, and then walk directly across the street tot he Cable Car. Buy a round-trip ticket (70,000 Dong) and return to your bike for a nice ride home

Tuyen Lam Lake - Hop on a motorbike, or hire one, and take a tour of the countryside on your way to this gem in the wilderness. Fly through aromatic evergreen forests which surround the road around the lake or find a pull off and head down to the water's edge. We chose a cool spot located here. Don't pay to park at the Terracotta Village, just drive past all the shops and park your bike as close to the water as you can. There is a dirt path there that leads you around one of the fingers of the lake.