Undiscovered places are hard to come by on Bali but we found this hidden gem tucked away in Sukawati.

The sacred hidden canyon can be found tucked away off of the main roads in Sukawati. Sukawati is known for its art market and draws most of the attention leaving this paradise a must see. While most people will be trolling the markets in the heat you will be relatively alone wandering this awesome spot. The coordinates here will lead you right to the steps that will begin your journey.


Unfortunately the locals have started a gimmick to take advantage of the canyon by setting up a donation booth. The hidden canyon is free to the public but some locals have seen an opportunity to make some extra cash, the American way.

Note: Although you don't have to 'donate' we gave $6,000Rp for two people to support the community. However we did deny an offer for a guide three times over. You do not need a guide.


The old rocky steps lead to a small river where wading and bathing is possible while a stone monument offering place rises above you. Cool off in the heat or just take it in.

From there, continue upstream. As you go the terrain becomes more rocky and the river more deep but never more then waist high unless you there right after a storm. Where you cannot wade through water you must climb over rocky edges cut out over centuries of time by fast moving water. If the rocks are wet they can be slick so proceed with caution.


Believe us, you'll know when you reach the canyon. Two unmistakable massive rock walls protrude from the earth towering some 15-30m above you on both sides the whole way as the river flows past you. The water between them is sometimes murky during rainy season but if you're lucky enough to visit in the dry season we heard it runs crystal clear. Everything above the water reflects off its surface so take your time and really enjoy yourself. There aren't many places like this around.


  • Flip flops - You should go most of the trek barefoot. Your feet provide plenty of grip on the rocky bits. If you're worried about injuring your feet carry a pair of flip flops with you. No one wants to get their trainers wet and smelly right? 
  • Water bottle - When you first get down the steps to the wading pool there is a natural spring well that pours out of a pipe in the earth. If you're tired of quenching your thirst on bottled water this could be a nice alternative.
  • Backpack - You'll sometimes be wading in waist deep water so bring a backpack to keep things dry is a safe bet.
  • Bathing Suit - For swimming.
  • Towel - For drying off after your swim.